About us

Dear guest our company is honored to welcome you in the beautiful city of Berlin!


First of all we would like to describe our work, advantages, benefits and the reasons why you should choose us.


  • We give you the opportunity for a private and individual tour through the gorgeous cities of Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden, Hamburg, Leipzig and the Harz Mountains area. 
  • Our company offers many ways of sightseeing, as well as thematic tours, both individual or in groups, by walking, bike and by car.
  • We make transport services, accompaniment and translation services in different languages (Russian, German, English or French) available to you.


Benefits of group tours in Berlin:


- In the short time you will get a wide overview of the city and its history for a very good price.


Advantage of private and individual tours in Berlin:


- We will plan the tour according to your wishes. Your age, the starting point of the tour and special interests in specific topics are very important to us. Based on these points we create unique and special routes in cooperation with your wishes and our knowledge.

The sightseeing tour can be thematic and general; all depends on your wishes.

If you are already familiar with Berlin, we can arrange a special quiz to test your knowledge, which includes searching for specific places and objects and rewards at the end. This kind of tour is very popular at school classes and families.


Whatever you choose, we are happy to meet you and create a professional tour for you. Don’t forget our motto is: Your wish is our top priority!



Berlin is a city that is constantly pulsing, which has many faces and doesn't have the only old center, which you used to see in other European cities.
Потсдам- это леса, озёра, реки, памятники архитектуры и необыкновенная, умиротворяющая атмосфера
Дрезден-столица Саксонии, культурный центр и потрясающий, возрождённый из пепла старый город
Там, где река Эльба впадает в Северное море в 808 году впервые появилась крепость под названием Гамбург
Лейпциг имеет свою неподражаемую архитектуру, представленную торговыми дворами и пассажами
Вернигероде- окутан сказками и легендами. Окунитесь в этот мир, вспомните детство и насладитесь одним днём в горах Харц


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