Feedbacks from our tourists about our guides in Berlin, Potsdam, Hamburg, Dresden, Leipzig, Wernigerode


Here you will find some feedbacks from visitors about our work and excursions. We hope that after reading the opinions of our guests who have visited our tours, you will understand that we love this place and know how to show it.:-)



Good evening. We are very glad that you have chosen your company. Say hello to Victoria! She's worked very professionally.



Good evening! My son and I are already at home. Lydia, I would like to thank you for such a good organization and an excellent tour, which was held by Nina. Next time we would be happy to use your service again. We will recommend your firm to our friends. All the best!

With regards,



Thank you!!!!! I am very grateful to Victoria!!! The meeting with my business partner was excellent. I am very satisfied))) 3.5 hours of full understanding. It was just better that the negotiations were conducted in German.

Thank you with all my heart and especially Victoria!!!



Lydia, I got a call from customers. Do you remember that we organized for them a tour in Berlin? Everyone liked it very much, the guide was on top! I am very grateful to you for good organization, efficiency, in general, for your work. I am again convinced that you are the best!!!!

This client has never thanked.  But when he called, no one thought that he wanted to thank the guide for the professional work.

Guide: Angela


We were on a three-hour walking tour in Berlin. We really enjoyed it. We would like to thank guide Nina. We will recommend you.

Sean & Sierra


My husband and I were on a tour of Berlin, Potsdam and Dresden with guides from Anika-Reisen Victoria, Alexander and a driver Andrew.

We extremely pleased this sightseeing tour. Excursions were conducted informally, on the schedule, with excellent knowledge of the cities and their history, and with a great sense of love for this profession, with concern about the tourists as the best friends. The result is our desire to return to Germany again. We would like to thank Victoria for her tip about the marvelous restaurant where we celebrated my birthday, and Alexander - for his advice to visit the treasury of the Saxon electors.  All these things made unforgettable impression.


Irene, Alex


Hi, today were on a walking tour of Berlin. We had a wonderful guide! We got a lot of fun!

Thank you Sophia!

Jacob and Olivia


Hello, sorry but we could not immediately write to you about our impressions.

It took time to assess our visit of Berlin. Firstly, we would like to thank you sincerely for your assistance in organizing tours in Berlin. After staying three days in Berlin, this city conquered our hearts. We fell in love with it and would like to come back again and again and enjoy the wonderful and hospitable atmosphere of Berlin. We would like also to thank our wonderful and very pleasant guide Victoria, who helped us to feel this city.

We ask you to encourage this wonderful and interesting person. It was very nice and comfortable with her, we felt like at home. Thanks for your help and information support.

Best regards,

Clíona & Morann



We wanted to explore Berlin. We were lucky that our guide Andrew was truly in love with this city. The tour was interesting and entertaining, and left only bright and warm memories. Now we know that we will come here again. Thank you.

Naithí, Dana, Brian, Aileen


Hello! Today we were with a group of students of the International Union of Youth in Berlin. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our tour guide! The city tour was conducted very easy, interesting and professionally.

Below you will find a photo for memory.

Guide: Inna


Excursion in Dresden

We met a guide at the train station, and from there our tour and acquaintance with the amazing city Dresden began. From the beginning the city made a great impression with its rich architecture.

The guide Irina was a very pleasant lady, speaking perfect English, knowing the history. By the way, she had a talent for storytelling. During the whole tour it was very interesting.

Thanks for the organization and quality tour!

Tiana Katich and 8 people :)


My husband and I were in Berlin on 12 and 14 September. We ordered 3 excursions. All three tours were conducted by Olga. We liked it so much. It was very interesting and informative. By the way, she is a very pleasant man. We would like to express our gratitude to her and two drivers, who served our trips (unfortunately, we cannot remember their names). Thanks to them we have about Berlin only pleasant and warm memories.

Veronica and Romain


Hello! We are at home and want to thank you and your team for the interesting and informative tour on August 15 and 16. The guide was very competent, knowledgeable, friendly and at the same time unobtrusive. Thanks again.

 Anesa, Marta, Copenhagen

Guide: Xenia 


Hi! Thank you for the wonderful tour of Berlin and interesting guide. I send pictures of our excursion with Nina to your address. Let them be a keepsake.




We thank your team for the excellent tour. Everything was very well organized from the meeting at the airport till the arrival at the hotel. Thanks to the guide we visited such wonderful places that we couldn’t reach by ourselves. He told us very interesting very interesting with details about Potsdam, its palaces and parks. Moreover, we got a great impression of Nikol'skoe and majestic view of the lake Wannsee.

Thanks for realization of our wishes, help with the purchase of goods in a store for equestrian sport and your recommendation of a good restaurant.

Although we have visited Berlin more than 10 times, after the tour there was a great desire to see the city with the guide again. I hope it will be possible.


Guide: Andrew  


We would like to thank your team for the days spent in Berlin. It was a good combination: a meeting at the airport with a sightseeing tour through Berlin. Moreover, we had a wonderful trip to Potsdam. You have excellent staff: Andrew and Angela. They are very cute, intelligent and friendly people.  Angela is a very knowledgeable guide who loves her profession and historical characters of her narration. Her tour is a fascinating historical, imaginative and colorful journey. We wish your company prosperity and longevity. We recommend you to all the friends and acquaintances. Thank you very much one more time!

Sara & Waldemar Schlechtman, Israel


We just came back from Berlin and immediately decided to write to you))) Thank the guide Sophia for two great tours in Berlin and Potsdam!!!! She made us fall in love with these cities!!! Sophia is an erudite, educated, nice, open girl with great wealth of knowledge! We have a travel experience, so there is nothing to compare. )))) Once again thank you for the organization, drivers for comfortable and safe driving and Sofia for a wonderful weekend!

Best regards,



I want to thank you from all of our company! We were 7 people and each of us has received from a visit to Berlin and Potsdam a lot of pleasant experiences.

I would like to express a special thanks to the guide Olga for the interesting excursions and detailed answers to our questions. She is a very calm and sweet girl, incredibly pleasant in communication))).

Special thanks to the drivers (unfortunately, we remember only one name Vadim))). But all of them, without exception, were punctual, courteous and helpful))).

We wish you good luck and prosperity!

Adelaide & Co



Thank you for the wonderful and exciting tour of historic and modern Berlin with the guide Sofia. We were prepared for our trip, we read about Berlin and Germany, but from Sophia we learned a lot of new and interesting things about the history of Berlin, its traditions. By the way, a lively interesting story is much better than a mechanical voice in the headphones. You can always ask a question or debate about something. Besides, Sofia gave us a lot of tips for museums, restaurants and public transport. For sure, we will come again. We wish a lot of success and prosperity to your company and especially Sophia.

Yours faithfully,

Irena and Seth, Vancouver 


Good afternoon!!!

I would like to thank you for the fascinating tour through Berlin. I really enjoyed it. It is an extraordinary city! I would like also to express a special thanks to the wonderful guide Xenia for the interesting living story and the perfect knowledge of history. I wish a lot of success and prosperity to your company.

Kind regards,




We are guests from Israel, Ruth and Shmuel Rosenberg. We are very grateful to you for giving us the service at such a high level. Our guide Natalya impressed us with her extensive knowledge of history, beautiful speech and civility. Renovated old town and modern Berlin left an indelible impression. We wish you a lot of success and look forward to new meetings.


Dear Lydia,

Our tour of the countries of the European Union is finished, and we want to say thank you for the wonderful selection of the guides in your company. Especially we remember the tour of military Berlin conducted by Andrew. His enthusiasm, knowledge of history and love for the city were transferred to us. The trip to Wernigerode was just fantastic. Such lovely small towns with so many legends we have not visited for a long. Thanks!


Evelin, Connie



Today, I was on the walking tour with your colleague Olga. She told the story of Berlin easy and interesting. I liked the city so much. The weather was very good. After the tour, we were in the cafe on the bank of the river Spree. I had only positive emotions after that.

Lisa Rosenstein


Good afternoon! We would like to thank the guide Xenia for the professional work and good humor during our stay in Berlin. It was clear that she was in love with the city and genuinely interested in what she told us about, she did not repeat automatically what she had learned by heart long time ago. We were pleasantly surprised and pleased by such an attitude to work. Thank you!

M & K



I would like to thank the guide Inna from the whole group! We have already been several times to Berlin. But we never liked this city. Our attitude to Berlin chanced thanks to Inna. We noticed the interest in her eyes. She answered all our questions with a smile. She could explain complicated things very simple and clear. Now we know where to book trips, where about Berlin is told with love. Until next time!


Amanda K.



I am sending you a feedback about excursions in Berlin. Nina is a very good tour guide, who knows a lot about history. It is very important that she can compare different eras. Moreover, she knows a lot of interesting facts about the city. Nina is very friendly and attentive. We really liked her. We recommend her to other individual tourists. From the drivers most of all I liked Andrew. Thank to him.

In general, I had a rest and felt very good. Only the weather was cool and the airport Schönefeld shocked me :( Thank you so much. The next time I will come when it is warmer here. I will consult with you. I wish prosperity to your company.


Lea R.


Good evening from New York. It is Elina Tura.

Lydia, I would like to thank you for organization of the tour of Berlin for us. We are very pleased with it. I'd like to give special thanks to our guide Sofia and the driver Yuri. We spent the day enjoying the town and socializing with smart, intelligent people. Sonia captivated us with her knowledge and sense of humor. By the way, we have been to many cities in Europe. We took the tours there. Unfortunately, many of the guides had neither extensive knowledge nor ability to communicate with tourists.

Lydia, in this case it didn't happen. We liked everything. Sofia answered all our questions, brilliantly conducted the tour and helped us fall in love with your city. Please say hello to her from New York tourists! Lydia, I congratulate you on the excellent organization of business and the best selection of employees. And this is your merit as a manager. Thank you all very much! We wish prosperity, new great excursions in Germany. We hope for new meetings. We will recommend your company to our colleagues and friends. We will remember our trip and wonderful tour of Berlin!


Your visitors: Elina, Kimberly, Richard, Taylor, Xavier, Vanessa


Good afternoon!

Philip, Nicole and I would like to express deep gratitude to Lydia for the organization of the tours. Philip admired your knowledge, professionalism, ability to tell interesting. All are very pleased with everything. And as an employee of the tourism business in Lisbon I will definitely recommend your company.




Lydia!!! We were so impressed by the tour!!! Andrew is such an intelligent young man. He knows what he is talking about, and he can answer any question. Everything was very clear. It was a conversation rather than a monologue of the guide. We learned a lot of new things, and it is much better to have such an individual tour than to be with a group of 20-30 people. We are going to come again next year, so for sure we will meet again. Thank you very much!!! Good luck, success everywhere and in everything!!!


Hello Alnika,

I would like to thank you once again from the whole group for such a great interesting tour. I am sure we will see us again. It was also funny and easy. We would like to see the city more in detail next time. I wish you all the best. Until next time.




November 2011

Hello Lydia!

Our group of five people thanks you for the interesting excursions. You told us the story of Berlin so vividly, we liked it so much. The tour was conducted in an easy and relaxed atmosphere. We all really enjoyed it. If we could walk faster, we would see also everything in Potsdam. If we come here again, we hope that we'll see us)))



Hi Lydia!

Thank you for the presentation of Berlin, for the time we spent together. It was very interesting and informative! When you prepare for a trip, you read material, view photos, get some idea, which is not always the reality. You showed us different sides of Berlin, and everything was great!

All the best,


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